Jennifer Fletcher

Tip #204: Games (Other) People Play
By: Posted On: 2012-02-01


Call it tunnel vision or call it arrogance, but many of us in Scouting assume that we’re the only people in the world who take kids camping or cook in Dutch ovens or lead silly games. And so we fail to discover some great non-Scouting resources that can improve the programs we offer.
Take the games we play at troop meetings. Church youth groups all over the country also play games, and many of theirs are a lot more fun than ours. If the games your PLC picks are getting stale, do a Google search on “youth group games,” and you’ll find plenty of ideas to freshen up your meetings.

A site I particularly like is Its simple-search feature lets you home in on games that match your group size and age range. Or, you can do an advanced search that adds criteria like duration and game type (circle, get acquainted, indoor, high energy, etc.). There’s even a resources page that links to other games sites.

Scouting is the best youth program in the world, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make it better by borrowing ideas from others!



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