Jennifer Fletcher

Tip #363: Decide and then Decide
By: Posted On: 2012-01-24

Our troop is looking at weekend court of honor dates in March, and that presents us with a scheduling challenge. You see, we’re in the heart of basketball country, and March is the season for the NCAA tournament, which will undoubtedly feature at least one local team. What’s more, we’re hosting second and third round games here in Louisville. That makes the last three weekends of the month problematic at best – at least as far as attendance is concerned. (I know people should put Scouting ahead of sports, but I also understand human nature!)

If your troop faces similar challenges, a potential solution is to decide and then decide. Here’s what I mean: Go ahead and set your court of honor date but not the time. Reserve the facility you want to use for as broad a time period as possible. Then, send out “save the date” notices. After that, as soon as scheduling conflicts resolve themselves, send out formal invitations with the actual court of honor time.

This isn’t a perfect solution, but it allows for travel for out-of-town guests and lets you use dates that would otherwise seem completely off limits.



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