Jennifer Fletcher

Tip #362: Too Much Information
By: Posted On: 2012-01-09

 TMI (“too much information”) is a common refrain on sites like Facebook where people are all too willing to share, well, too much information about their personal lives. But TMI can be a problem when you’re planning an Eagle court of honor – or, more precisely – when you’re working on the event’s printed program.

Assuming you’re using standard program covers, which are 8½" x 11" and fold in half, there’s only so much space to squeeze in the ceremony outline and presenter names. And if your troop is anything like mine, you may not even know all the names until the last minute. (No matter how hard we try, the roster of candle-lighters and honor-guard members is constantly in flux.)

The easy solution? Keep the list of names in your programs to a minimum. List the emcee and the primary presenters but just say “The Scouts of Troop X” in other places. Doing so will reduce your stress level, and guests probably won’t notice the difference.



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