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By:    On: 2012-01-03

In case you're new to Scouting or you've been living under a rock, I would like to announce Pinewood Derby season is officially upon us. My boys' pack handed out their Derby car kits at the holiday party and the boys have been hard at work building their cars. I never realized how many rules and regulations are in place in regards to this fun little race! Sheesh!

My daughter, a Daisy Scout, is considerably jealous of her brothers' fun. She wants to sculpt a car and race it too. Of course, her car “would be so much better looking!” She “would paint daisies and bumble bees and maybe a kitten” on her car. How cute is that?!? Unfortunately the Girl Scouts don't have a pinewood derby. They don't have anything remotely like it. Katie will just have to be satisfied with sitting on the sidelines of her brothers' races, cheering them on....

But wait! Could it be? It IS! A local pack is sponsoring a Powder Puff Pinewood Derby! Girls in Scouting are welcome to sign up and participate, providing they pay the (nominal) $10 fee. Because it is not Troop-affiliated, girls don't even have to hope their troop will participate; they can attend individually!

This is a truly wonderful idea, on two fronts:

First, we are all Scouts. Extending a hand in fellowship from Boy Scouts to Girl Scouts is a great lesson. Its teaches kids that we can all get together and play, regardless of whether we are male or female.

Second, it's about time girls get the opportunity to focus on things outside the traditionally “domestic” realm that Girl Scouts is centered around. (Before you send me email telling me the girls are branching into science, math and technology, let me say I agree, they are. But when was the last time your Troop actually had to build something to earn a patch?)

I can't wait to tell Katie about this. I think I'll surprise her and not tell her until I have the kit to hand her; it will be so much fun to work together, making her very first car! I kind of got pushed out of working with the boys on their cars...”Mom, this is a boy thing. Girls can't work with wood – you might break a nail!” Right.

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