Scott Robertson

Fuzzy and Scout Dec 2011
By: Posted On: 2011-12-28

 Hi all,

Fuzzy and Scout here, it has been a while but we are still around ;) We hope everyone had a good Turkey day, we know we had as Fuzzy prepared a turkey with salmon stuffing for us. (Actually the stuffing was just minced smoked salmon)

But you know it is called thanksgiving. So what are we all thankfull for? We are thankfull for all our friends and all the salmon and cocoa we got :) Also we are thankfull that we are in good health. We think everyone will have something to be thankfull for, but as it is the season of sharing how about we all share something with the people who have less than we do. 

Christmas is has come and gone but winter has not and as you know Scout is upset about this. He really doesn't do cold weather. But luckily the pups are always willing to cuddle and warm him up, also fleece jackets and lots of cocoa help. 

We hope everyone had grrrrreat holidays with their families and maybe go for a nice winter camp.

Your cuddly friends, 

Fuzzy and Scout