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Girl Scouts are Geeks
By: Posted On: 2011-10-10

I am a geek.  Or am I nerd?  Maybe I’m a bit of both. 

I loved science as a kid.  I studied whatever information I could get my hands on, I played with chemistry sets…I didn’t have a problem with the dissection part in biology.  One Christmas I begged my parents for a microscope kit (while my sister asked for dolls) and I used that kit so much I burned the bulbs out.  In high school I considered going to college to major in forensic science.   

I grew up in the generation of girls who were just starting to break out of the stereotypical “females aren’t programmed to be good at math and science” mold.  Although our teachers did their jobs and taught us, we girls lost our math and science teachers’ attention to the boys.  It wasn’t their fault; they also came from generations of people believing those fields should be left to the male population.

I read the following article a few weeks back and it really stuck with me.  I hope these young ladies are as proud of themselves as I and millions of other female geeks/nerds are.  It truly makes my heart warm to see girls recognized for their beautiful minds.  It’s a refreshing change, to say the least.

Girl Geeks of the world unite!  J

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