Jennifer Fletcher

Here We Grow Again!
By: Posted On: 2011-08-31

Hi readers!  Please enjoy the following post sent to us by guest blogger Skipper Bob.  If you are or were a Sea Scout, please speak up!  I would really like to hear more from and about this section of Scouting.


If you are a Sea Scout then you are one of the luckiest people in Scouting!  Why? Sea Scouts have the opportunity to celebrate in a second Centennial Celebration.  That's right! Last year we celebrated the 100th year of the Boy Scouts of America, and next year we will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Sea Scouting!

How many scouts and scouters can say they were part of two centennial celebrations?  There are roughly 7,000 Sea Scouts who will have that privilege...something that won't happen again in our lifetime.  Imagine being able to tell your kids, grand kids and anyone else who will listen that you were there.  100 years of the greatest youth-focused organization in the world.

There is a national committee which has been working on programs, adventures, and events to make the celebration special.  Each area and region will be having some FANTASTIC events for Sea Scouts and I promise you don't want to miss them.

So, if you like water sports, you want to be involved in some GREAT adventures and have a lot fun then Sea Scouting is for you!!!  You can learn how to navigate on the water, drive a boat, SCUBA dive, Snorkel, and White Water rafting.  It is all up to you because YOU will help plan the program for your ship. 

Now, you can celebrate without being a Sea Scout but wouldn't it be a whole lot more fun if you were a Sea Scout?  If you want to be on the inside looking out, you need to find a ship and join.  If not you will just be looking in.

So stay safe, have a blast, and WELCOME to the Sea Scouts!!! 

Skipper Bob