Scott Robertson

Organizing Travel Guides
By: Posted On: 2011-08-19

There is nothing worse than knowing you have something for your next trip but not knowing where it is. There are many ways to organize all those travel guides, fliers, magazines etc. that you’ve collected so you can find them for your next trip.

My personal preference is to sort them by state and/or regional location, and then put each group into a file folder. Each folder goes into a file box or cabinet.When you want to start planning your next trip just locate that area’s folder and flip through it. This will not only give you ideas of things to do but will also remind you of past activities. If you are going to place/state you've never been to, bring a blank folder with you. Put your newly collected information inside the folder as you get it; this will mean less work when you get home.

One of our staff members keeps her materials in large, three-ring binders, sectioned inside according to state. Each map, pamphlet, brochure, etc. goes into a plastic sleeve and there are also sections for websites and pricing information for each location. She also punches holes in the thicker hotel and coupon books; they go straight into the binder like that.

If you have kids, consider making it their job to collect information at rest stops and other places. Perhaps offer a small treat for the kid who gets the most pertinent information. However you choose to keep your travel information organized, get to it! Organization is one of the keys to any successful trip.