Scott Robertson

Fuzzy and Scout April 2011
By: Posted On: 2011-04-10

Hi all, 

Here are your favourite bear cubbies again, our last report to you was aaaaages ago,

But that was because we moved to a much nicer cave, we even have a small fountain in front of the cave now. 

But also as the weather is now much nicer, even Scout is not wearing his fleece all the time anymore.

With it almost being Easter, it also means camping season has started :D

We have made grrrrreat camping plans, we going to salmon lake, trout lake and any other great fishing lakes, as

we also want to be able to grill some great fish and of course have loads of fun with our pups and our friends.
But what is really important is that we are going to help the rangers to maintain the forest, as it is really important that all rubbish and stuff is cleaned

If people would clean up after themselves it would keep the forest much nicer and it would be a lot better for all the animals too, but as you are all good Scouts we are sure you would clean up after yourself or even help clean up other people’s mess. Just like B-P said, “Leave the world a little better than you found it” 

Next time we will tell you all about the Easter camp we will go to.

Now it is time for lunch as Fuzzy has put a salmon on the grill, he found this great recipe on RoadCEO for grilled salmon with tarragon butter. You can find this here: 

See you all soon!

Your cubby friends,
Fuzzy and Scout