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Forging a path of hopefulness

By:    Posted On: 2011-03-03

As leaders, we need to forge a path of hopefulness and desire to keep the program alive in our hearts and minds for generations to come. InsaneScouter was created based on this premise, and fights everyday to live up to it and to help Scouter's one resource at a time. Recently, I was listening to a Scouter explain how he rediscovered his Scouting spirit and his tale helped rekindle the fire in me. It reminded me of how you remained loyal to InsaneScouter. Thank you, I am eternally grateful to all of you and rest assured without you InsaneScouter would not be the great place it is today. There is no doubt that together we can ensure InsaneScouter continues to grow and everything we offer remains fresh, current and freely available.

The best way you can help is by Becoming A Member which will give you access to even more resources and discounts. Over 30,000 resources using some 10 gigs of space to be exact.

One Scouter noted

I just got mine today and it is full of resources for Scouter and people who love the outdoors.  The Scouting resources are great and the discounts on items will really help my limited budget go farther. It is a great value and will help keep InsaneScouter going strong and being a resource to us and future Scouters. 

You can also help by signing up for a free WePay Account and use it to collect funds. In return WePay will give InsaneScouter $20 and you $10, but you have to collect funds with it first. WePay accounts are good for collecting dues,camp fees, summer camp fees, day camp fees, training fees, and even to sale car wash tickets. The funds are insured by the FDIC and you can withdraw the funds at any time. For more details read this blog post.

We are also looking for volunteers to help update and add resources, write blog posts, and to help with tech projects.


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