Scott Robertson

Fuzzy and Scout Jan 2011
By: Posted On: 2011-01-29

Happy new year all!


Fuzzy and Scout here :)

We hope you all had a grrrrrreat Christmas and a fun and safe new years eve.


We had great presents, of course loads of salmon but also new clothes and a new video game. But we also donated some of our pocket money to a good cause as we know not everyone is as lucky as we are.
We know loads of you out there did your share too, maybe just a small thing (like helping a friend in need) but it all counts. If we keep this good behaviour up we all will end up on Santabear’s nice list again.


We also tried to get our pups to listen to us, but boy this is a lot of hard work. Seems they always up to mischief and try to play us to get their own way.
Take last week when we finished eating and pups decided to tackle us to clean the spaghetti sauce right of us, if we forget to tell them to stay and easy we would be flying all over the place.

But to be honest they are getting better at it.

That is one of our new years resolutions, to get the pups to actually listen to us :)


Did all of you out there make any good new years resolutions which you are gonna keep?

If so, we wish you all the best with them and hope you can keep them.


For now it is lunch time and we will see you all again soon.


Your cuddly friends,


Fuzz, Scout and their puppy dogs :)