Scott Robertson

Rope Box - Lashings
By: Posted On: 2010-12-14

Think of lashing as a form of weaving poles together to connect poles together. Depending on what you need the poles to do depends on the weave, exact lashing you are use. For example: you use a tripod lashing when you want 3 poles to stand up like a tripod over say a campfire, or square lashing when two poles cross each other like a cross, a diagonal lashing when two poles cross forming an “x”, sheer lashing is when you want to weave poles together to create say a raft, and round lashing when you want to join two poles together to make one longer pole like maybe a flag pole.

diagonal lashing   shear lashing square lashing  tripod lashing 


For more details about lashing take a look at

These images and other great info about knot tying and lashing can be found at


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