Scott Robertson

Fuzzy and Scout Nov 2010
By: Posted On: 2010-11-02

 Hi all,


Fuzzy and Scout here, are you all as excited as we are as it is almost Halloween. We have been asking Baloo for our costumes for aaaaaaaaaaaages and finally we got them :)

Although if it was up to Baloo we would have been dresses as salmon, but that would be just silly. Can you imagine bear cubbies dressed as salmon, now if it was to eat salmon we would agree. Anyway Fuzzy will be dressed as “Fuz Lightyear” and Scout has decided to go as Harry Potter. We hope people won’t just have candy, although we like it, but also have some nice juicy salmon or trout for us.


Talking Halloween, we had a conversation with Insanscouter lately about toilet paper and what you can do with it. We found a lot of uses and not just the obvious one ;) What would you think of paper for taking notes, wrapping paper, bandages, stuff to wrap your beary brother in to make him a mummy of course you can use it to start your campfire too. Just don’t use it to decorate people’s houses.


Yesterday we watched a show on the Chilean miners that have been trapped for so long in that mine. Scout and I would have gone crazy if it was us, as we heard they did not have salmon down there. But luckily they all came out safely and are with their families again.


Well friends, that is all for now we hope you all have a grrrrreat spooky, but mostly safe Halloween and remember, if you have any treats left just send them to us.


Your cuddly friends,


Fuzzy and Scout