Scott Robertson

25 Uses For Dental Floss
By: Posted On: 2010-11-16

dental flossHow many different uses can you think of for Dental Floss. If you think about it, its really just a simple string. Some dental floss is waxed and some isn't, not all uses below will work with waxed or visa versa floss.

1.Emergency stitches
2.Sewing thread
3.Twist together to care a jump rope
4.Cut up meat
5.Tie up bags
6.Emergency fishing line
7.Hair tie
8.Emergency shoe string
9.Twist / braid into rope
10.Use as string in making a necklace
11.Hang objects around the neck (ie. key, compass, whistle, etc)
12.Hand objects from your belt
13.Craft string
14.String beads for fashion
16.Twist / braid into rope
17.Replacement string for bags and sacks
18.Separate photos that are stuck together
19.Tie up food for cooking
20.Tie up a package
21.Weave into a small net
22.Keep objects rolled up (ie. bed roll, blankets, etc)
23.Clean out the crevices and small spots on tools or furniture
24.Tie several spools together to make a dog toy, which will actually clean Fidos teeth and reduce bad breath.
25.Tie plants to support structures

What uses for Dental floss can you think of?


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