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Camp Lanterns

By:    Posted On: 2010-09-20

For some people, light in camp is a big deal. Camp light can range from a simple flashlight, a campfire, a battery lantern, a gas lantern, and many other options. This post is going to be about lanterns. In this photo you can see two gas lanterns stored in two different type containers, and two battery lanterns.

camping lanterns, both gas and battery powered

The gas lanterns put off more light, but are also harder to use. You have to screw on the propane tank, turn on the gas and light the mantles. Also at times the mantles need to be replaced. These lanterns also normally have a glass globe, that will break if you drop it, or gear slides into them during transit. Generally it is pretty easy and inexpensive to replace the globe. On high they run about eight hours off one tank of propane. The more you turn down the lantern, the longer it will run. Yet, I still like using gas lanterns and find them a very useful, and a handy source of camp light outside the tent.

Since gas lanterns produce heat, and CO2 they are no good inside tents. The best tent option is a nice battery lantern. Some battery lanterns actually produce a fair amount of light, and others just suck. The small green lantern in this photo actually collapses into itself for easy storage, and transport. It runs off of 6 D size batteries and can run many hours off of one set of batteries. The red lantern is a little bigger, and bulker. I have found that it really does not put out any more light then the green one does.( the red or green, what is the difference color or is this another type? It is unclear the distinction of red or green. Is this only the “light”)

In all cases lantern light, as well as flashlight light will attract bugs. So be prepared, the brighter the light the more attraction.

What kind of lighting do you like to use?

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