What the uniform means to me
By: Posted On: 2010-09-30

The uniform is an important part of the Scouting experience and not in the military sense.  It makes us stand out and show off the progress the boys have made during their Scouting experience.  It also teaches the boys to take care of their uniform and how to wear it correctly, skills they will apply when they are an adult and have to take care of and wear appropriate cloths for different occasions.

Since I have started as an Adult Leader I always wear my uniform, both Class A and B, correctly and that includes the neckerchief.  If I am going to ask the boys to do it they need to see their Leaders are following the same requirement.  So it is important that we understand the correct placement of the different patches and BSA makes that easy with uniform guides.

I almost forgot, if we can get a patch for doing something that makes it more fun and you really need someplace to put the patches and show them off.  You worked hard for them and one real important reason for having a uniform to put them on.

Hope this helps. YIS, ptsteve