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Fuzzy and Scout June 2010

By:    Posted On: 2010-06-29

 Hi all,


Fuzzy and Scout here, due to an error (or rather someone not telling us the newsletter would be sent) you had to miss us last month. (growl)

But well we are here again and ready to tell you about an awesome adventure we had at a great spot.


We went to a great lake that Scott from Insanescouter showed us, it was a nice mountain lake with loads of trees around it and more important it was full of salmon, trout and other yummy fish. We went swimming in there, but as it was very cold water Scout ran out straight away………..to get a wet suit. (OUCH, why did you do that…. Don’t punch me in the shoulder)

After we went swimming for a bit we got a bit hungry and decided to catch some fish.


We both got a nice salmon, but it needed to be cleaned and grilled before we could cook it, as we are city bears we won’t eat it if it is not properly prepared.

We found a few nice fishermen who decided to help us with cleaning and grilling the fish, we offered them some nice grilled fish but they declined and said they were happy to help us.

Unfortunately you don’t see that often anymore, people who help others without wanting something in return, most of the time the first question after asking for help is: “What’s in it for me?” Luckily you are all Scouts out there and all remember to do a good turn every day, right?


Anyway after we had our lunch at the lake, we went to explore the surroundings and saw loads of animals and trees and flowers, but we only saw the animals because we were quiet (although Baloo says we are never quiet), if you make loads of noise you scare them away and won’t see them. I think we walked there for hours but we really enjoyed it.
We can advise everyone to go to a nice lake or a national park if you have the chance and enjoy the grrrrrrreat outdoors.


Well it is time for us to go and have lunch, all off you have a great time and if you are going camping have great camps :)


Your cuddly friends,


Fuzzy and Scout

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