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25 Uses For Duct Tape

By:    Posted On: 2010-07-15

 These are ideas, mostly found around the web. If you have ideas to add to this list, please leave them as comments below.

2.Repair Clothes, Shoes, Pack, Tent, Sleeping Bag, Other Gear
3.Fuzz / Lint removal
5.Whip the ends of a fraying rope
6.Temporarily secure on badges
7.Repair inflatable mattress / toys
8.Lawn chair webbing
9.Toilet Paper
10.Mend a book
11.Emergency clothes or belt
12.Fix hole in garbage bag
13.Closing chip and other food bags
14.Hold on a first aid splint
15.Secure container lids
16.Fly paper
17.Cover warm spot to prevent blister
18.Flag off a crime area or just the cat hole
19.Fix a tent pole
20.Wrap up a sprain
21.Trail marker
22.Lashing poles together
23.Cold Barrier (wrap around like a water bottle or fuel bottle that is cold / hot to touch to protect hands … kind of like sleeve coffee shops use on hot glasses)
24.Wrap around a hiking stick to make a softer grip
25.Hold papers together

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