Scott Robertson

InsaneScouter - Campfire Grill Contest
By: Posted On: 2010-06-06

I was recently talking to my friend Tom at He decided not to only become a InsaneScouter sponsor but to also give away three of his awesome grills.

This is how the give away is going to work... There will be a first, second and third prize. Open only to registered InsaneScouter users. If you are not already a user sign up now! The three winners will be announced in the August newsletter.

Now the meat of it... For each recipe you submit you will get one chance to win a grill. Winners will be chosen based on the recipes they submit. We are looking for recipes that Scouts can make on there own or with a little help while at camp. If possible photos would be nice. Also please let us know who to credit the recipe to, for example the creators name, or even a unit name / number.
You may submitted more then one recipe, however please don't spam us either. To submit recipes just email it to us at news[at]iswebteam[dot]net

All appropriate recipes will be compiled into a e-book. Everyone who submits a recipe, that we use in the e-book, will receive a copy of this e-book by email, once compiled.
Good luck, and good eats...

Scott Robertson