Scott Robertson

Scouter's Prayer
By: Posted On: 2010-05-20

My Grandmother was a Den Leader and active in Scouting. When she died my sister typed up this poem for my dad. My sister thinks it was written in the 50's or 60's.... enjoy ...

Scouter’s Prayer
(For Devine Guidance)
By Mary Jane Robertson

O Father of every nation
Lord of all creation,
Gentle spirit who enters in
Forgive us for our sin
Wise thou art and tender too,
On earth these things are far and few.
We come to thee in prayer tonight
Seeking a way do to what’s right.
Help us, O Lord to do our best,
Help us, O Lord to face each test.
Help us to labor for truth and knowledge
That lights the way to the highest college.
Lend us not in the ways of war,
Lend us not on the path of gore;
Near us Father, this plea we send
To save our planet from a fiery end.
Give us wisdom tried and good,
Give us understanding of brotherhood.
Teach us to love our neighbors here
To over come the unknown fear.
Show us Father, the way to be just
With the children Thou gave to us.
Show us Father, and hand in hand
We’ll walk with them to the Promised Land.
Take away all greed and lust
Replace them with love and trust.
Take away our foolish pride
And guide us safely to Thy side.
Thank Thee Father for clothes and spouse,
Thank Thee Father for food and house.
Thank Thee too for rest and toil,
Thank Thee for air and soil.
O Father of every nation
Lord of all creation,
Before we leave Thy hall
Bless us one and all.