Scott Robertson

Why Is He A Scout
By: Posted On: 2010-05-15

 When I served on the District Training team we loved to ask this question. We would get a whole array of answers from belonging to something, camping, learning, etc. Well if you ask me there is only ONE right answer and that is to have FUN!

No boy joins Scouting to go to school, to learn, to be preached at, to be part of something. They join to have fun. Yes they join to go camping, go exploring, to do crafts, to build things and do things. But isn't this because they perceive these things to be fun?

What are you doing to ensure your Scouts are having fun???

When Camping What Should You Sleep In?

If you ask a group of people I am sure you will get a wide variety of answers ranging from it doesn't matter, to sleeping in the nude. What follows is what I have always been taught, but feel free to use the comments section to tell us what you think is the correct answer.

What I was taught as a Scout is you should never sleep in the clothes you wore that day for two reasons. One is even if they don't feel damp they are wet from your sweet, etc over the day which will cause you to be more chilled. The second reason is your clothes that you wore have various scents on them such as the food you ate and any chemicals you were exposed to. These things have scents will attract wild animals and bugs to you while you sleep.

What my Scout Leader told us was to either change into night clothes that you use only for sleeping in, but does not have to be pj's or to sleep in the nude. Many well tell you sleeping in the buff is best because it allows your body to more naturally heat up your sleeping bag.
To be honest as I remember as I Scout I paid little attention to these lessons and just slept in what I wore, or changed into what I would ware the next day. However as an adult I tend to sleep in jogging shorts and sometimes a t-shirt or long sleeve t-shirt depending on how cold it is.