Scott Robertson

Real Good Turns
By: Posted On: 2010-04-11

To often in life we forget about helping others. Doing a good turn daily is a important aspect of life that I do believe I practice enough and I am sure many of you don't do as often as you should. But what is a good turn? Is it helping an old lady across the street? Feeding a homeless person? Helping a injured animal? Assisting some one in need? Taking the newspaper to the door for an elderly neighbor? It could be these things and it could be so much more.

To me a good turn is anything you do that you do not normally do. What you do may be small or it may be life changing that does not matter. What matters is what you do for them impacts their life in some positive way at that moment in time.

Like in the movie “Pay It Forward” if we all did just one small things it does become contagious and before we know our small deed has made a big differences. As a saying I once heard goes “How do you change the world? One small good deed at a time!” What good deed did you do today? Who did you help? How did it impact their life? How did it impact your life? How did it impact the lives of those around you?