Scott Robertson

Lesson: First Class Board of Review
By: Posted On: 2010-03-02

When I was still a young Scout I went before the board for my First Class Rank. The board was made up of 3 adults and was set off in a side room of the building we were meeting in. Actually it was the back doorway, with the double doors, entry door, then another set of doors double wide. Anyway I went through the board, and answered there questions. Though I no longer can tell you what the questions were. I was asked to step away at end so they could discuss it. When I was finally called back in I was told I had failed in a polite and calm way. I ran off in tears. A moment later they had chased me down to yell “April Fools”. I passed my First Class Board on April 1, 1987. I will never forget that day. I was only eleven years old at the time and lost what should have been a happy exciting moment because of there joke.

Lesson: The Scouts are nervous enough going before the board even if they know the members of it. Do not ever joke around about if the pass or not.



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