Scott Robertson

Lesson: Emergency Tent Stakes
By: Posted On: 2010-03-02

When I was still a Scout we were on a backpacking trip. It was a windy, but clear day. The ground was all solid rock, it was just the way this location was... one big slab of rock. When it came time to set up camp we Scouts needed to stake down our tents, because of the wind, but the backpacking tent stakes would just bend when you tried to put them into the ground. One of our leaders finally came up with what I considered at the time a brilliant idea. Just lay the stake horizontally through the ring in the tent that the stake goes through and then pile some rock on each end of the stake. This trick also works with solid sticks. Well the wind blow us crazy, but we did not lose any tents or gear.

The lesson: keep your mind open as there always is a way