Scott Robertson

Route 66
By: Posted On: 2010-03-02

I recently went on a day trip with a friend to Kingman AZ. We drove down parts of the original route 66, visit a museum about the old historic road and just had a grand time. What follows is some photos I took during the trip. Hope you enjoy.


The historic route 66 sign outside of the route 66 museum



This is me on a old steam / coal powered train that was on display in a park



A freight train going by as cars drive down route 66



This is solid rock that the movement of old horse drawn wagons pulling ore carved their tracks into.
The round circles are where the men would place wood beams to help push the heavy ore wagons
up the hills, etc. This was a time when horse power and man power actually meant using muscles.



Fun in the snow... in the mountains just outside of Kingman