One of your Cub Scouts makes it all worth it
By: Posted On: 2010-02-20


This happened to me this week at our last Den Meeting.

In the middle of our Den Meeting during a transition point one of my Wolf Scouts pulled me aside and asked me a question.  Now you have to understand,"pulled aside" in a Den Meeting is as I walked around the table he asked the question.

Now you are asking what was the question.  Ok, don't worry I will tell you tomorrow.  Nope won't do that to you.

The question was "Will you be our Den Leader next year?'

Ok, that made my year and all the time all of us put in to bring the best for the boys.  Ok, now I guess you want what I told him!

I told him "Don't worry, yes we will be your Den Leaders next year and until you graduate to Boy Scouts."

The boy smiled and went back to the activity with more confidence than I had ever seen before.


Yours in Scouting, ptsteve