Scout Shop Loves Me
By: Posted On: 2010-02-20


Is it a bad thing the Scout Shop knows me by name?

Well, I took my boys with me today to the Scout Shop to get a few things.  We do try to keep it to a few things per visit or at least we try.  I guess the Scout Shop is to me like the Candy Store is to my sons, please don't tell my wife.  Just joking about that.

Today's trip to the Scout Shop was to get a couple of patches for my Wolf Cubs to give to them tomorrow at our Blue and Gold Dinner.  The last time me and my boys had gone to the Scout Shop they had found the foam fingers with the Cub Scout sign and of course they wanted them.  I told them if the next time we visit the Scout Shop and they have them on Special I will get them for you.  Guess what?

Yup, they had 2 left and they were on special.  I made some dedicated Scouters very happy and the Scout Shop and my boys.  The other piece of good news it didn't break the bank even with the patches I bought.

Well that is it for now.

Yours in Scouting, ptsteve