Scout Shop Loves Me
By: Posted On: 2010-02-20


The Scout Shop loves me and they really love me when I bring my boys.  Is it a bad thing if they know me by name.  I don't dare ask my wife, but she seems happy I go and have some time with the boys.

We went to the Scout Shop today, me and the boys.  We needed to get a couple of patches for the Blue and Gold Dinner tomorrow.  I promised them if they still had the Cub Scout sign as foam fingers they saw the last time we were there I would get them for them.  Guess what they had.  Yup and they had the last two in the Scout Shop and yes I did get them for the boys and it didn't break the bank.

I justify it this way.  If I buy from my local Scout Shop my Council does get something, I hope.

Well I hope you have fun the next time you go to your Scout Shop.

Yours in Scouting, ptsteve