Scott Robertson

Fuzzy and Scout Jan 2010
By: Posted On: 2010-01-29

Hi all,

Fuzzy and I have a lot to tell you all.
First of all we moved into a new cave, as Baloo has found a much nicer cave to live in.

He asked us if we mind moving, of course we told him we don’t mind as long as there is enough salmon storage so we won’t go hungry. But it made us think of all people that have no roof above their heads to live under, especially with the very cold weather we are having at the moment… If we would all help our local homeless shelter with some blankets or maybe give up an hour of our time to help the ones that are less fortunate than us.

We have given some of our blankets as we have soooooo much stuff, that we are sure we can spare something, as long as it is not our snuggle blankets ;)

Hey, it is Fuzzy here, Scout just walked off to get another jumper as he is absolutely freezing, I feel a bit sorry for him… he really doesn’t do cold well. I will go and make him a nice cup of hot cocoa.

Thanks Fuzzy *hugs* I do like the cocoa.

We will tell you soon how we like our new cave.

Your Furry Friends
Fuzzy and Scout