Scott Robertson

Lessons from the past... Sniffing Koolaid & Trail Toys
By: Posted On: 2010-01-20

After a day of trekking we picked out a camp spot. One of the Scouts started digging around in his pack and the next thing we knew he had produced a thumb skate board with ramp, a palm size dictionary, and electric screw driver, and I don't remember what else. When asked why he brought those items, his answer was simple “to keep my little brother out of them”. The next day we got up, broke camp and hiked back to our meet up place, a local ski lodge. As this was mid summer the lodge was closed but was near the trail head and had a nice parking lot. We were way to early, but saw no reason to stay on the trail any longer. So we hung out on the deck of the lodge, had our lunch, chatted, told jokes, etc. Well, the same Scout with all the “toys” decides it would be fun to sniff koolaid. Nothing really happened other then he got the redish powder all over his face and got a stuffed up nose. What a crazy kid.

The lesson... no matter what you do or think they will always do something to make you roll your eyes.