Scott Robertson

Knights’ Roasters
By: Posted On: 2009-12-10

As a change of pace I am posting a craft project today on how to make some really cool hot dog roasting sticks. I did not create this craft but came acrossed it on a mailing list and thought I would share.


Materials: Wire coat hangers, 1” diameter sticks, sandpaper, wood glue, drill bits, sharpies.

Tools: Hammers, hand drills, awls, pencils, rulers, vices, wire cutters/nippers, miter boxes, saws.


  1. Use wire cutters to clip twisty part off coat hangers.

  2. Use hammers to pound coat hangers on one end. Leave the other end bent so a) the boys can stick each other with it and 2) hot dogs, etc. won’t fall off the sticks into the fire.

  3. Sand any coating off hangers.

  4. Measure a 6” length of stick.

  5. Place stick into miter box and cut with a saw.

  6. Sand the stick ends smooth.

  7. Find the center of the end of the 6” length of stick. At camp, we did this by drawing diagonal lines between opposite corners.

  8. Make a slight dent in the center of the stick by placing an awl on the center and hitting the end of the awl sharply. This will give a place to start the drilling.

  9. Place stick in vice in preparation for drilling.

  10. Drill a hole into the end of the stick. 1.5” to 2” work well.

  11. Put glue into hole.

  12. Jam straight end of coat hanger into stick.

  13. Write name on handle.


Note: At camp, we used discarded stretcher bars from old cots for the handles. When I make the hot dog cookers with my pack, I use saplings. I live in a wooded area, so have an abundance of available saplings.


Please let us know how you make hot dog / roasting sticks in the comments section below... enjoy...