Cub Scout Den Leaders: Keeping in Touch with Parents
By: Posted On: 2009-10-24

Hello Cub Scouters,

How often are you communicating with your Cub Scouts and parents.  Do you send out reminder emails for upcoming meetings and Pack events?  Email works great to remind everyone what is going on, but Den Leaders still need to pick up the phone and ask the families that have a responsibilities for the next meetings are they comfortable with it.  Even if they say "we have it under control" or yes, ask again.  Most likely, they don't want to let on they are not comfortable with it.  Just asking, goes a long way to win hearts and minds and making them comfortable for the first time and the next time they have to do it.

One of my families takes on the hardest requirement on because they know I won't ask they to take another on, unless I really need them.  Hope this helps.  

Yours In Scouting,