Scott Robertson

By: Posted On: 2009-10-24

These small square pieces of colorful cloth are very useful in camp. I could probably come up with 100 uses for bandanas if I really tried. Instead here are just some uses...

  1. cool down by getting wet and putting under hat
  2. cover mouth and nose when dusty
  3. wash cloth
  4. dish rag
  5. headband
  6. napkin
  7. first aid bandage
  8. tourniquet
  9. sling
  10. tie a splint
  11. hankie
  12. pillow cover
  13. stay cool – wet and tie around your neck loosely
  14. clean glasses, camera lens, etc
  15. wipe away sweet
  16. blindfold
  17. shoo away bugs
  18. wrap a gift
  19. protect head from sun
  20. fan
  21. mark a trail
  22. signal flag
  23. water filter
  24. open stuck jar
  25. sit on it

It should be noted to be careful as in many large cities bandanas can be used to display gang symbols, and other undesirable things.

I would like to hear your own ideas to add to this list, please post them below.