Scott Robertson

Kamp Kitchen - First Aid Kit
By: Posted On: 2009-10-12

Personally I believe it is a good idea to always have a first aid kit in the kitchen. First aid kits and what it contains can very wildly. The one I have pictured is a smaller on I carry hiking and camping as my personal kit. I also have a large group kit that I made from scratch, in a large fishing tackle box. Regardless of what first aid kit you use make sure you know what is in it. Before you go, go through it, and familiarize yourself with it so that when something does happen you already know what you have and where. Many kits today have various drugs in them such as aspirin, antiseptic, and various creams. This stuff expires, make sure you dispose of out of date supplies and replace them with good ones. Don't bury the kit in some box, or leave it in odd places – you need to be able to get to it quickly. When group camping, my large first aid kit generally sits on top of the table in the kitchen. This location becomes the “first aid” station in camp and also is generally where any medication belonging to youth would be kept (if not needing to be kept cold, or other special storage).