Scott Robertson

Murphy's scouts laws
By: Posted On: 2009-10-03

This was posted on a Scout mailing list and thought it was radically accurate so I am sharing. The other is unknown, but if anyone does not the author or source to credit it to, I would be happy to do so.
Murphy's scouts laws 
  • The child with the fewest clean clothes will invariably be the first to get wet
  • The easier the rules of the game the fewer will want to play
  • If it can be lost, at some point it will be. This goes for hats, shoes, cups, tents, and the occasional kid
  • The leader everyone is depending on will always be the last to arrive at the meeting
  • The attention span of the group is inversely proportional to the importance of what is being taught
  • The higher the climbable object, the sooner someone will be dared to climb it
  • If you pack extra food, no one will be hungry. If you pack just enough they will be ravenous
  • The cleaner the uniform the more attractive it is to mustard/paint/mud/etc.
  • The more hours of sleep the leaders need, the earlier the kids will wake up
  • Whoever put their hand up first knows the least about it