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By:    On: 2009-09-21

Kamp Kitchen cleaning It All UpCleaning dishes in camp can sometimes seem to be well a bit puzzling. So here are some simple steps and tips on washing dishes in camp.

You will need three wash basins, hot water, cold water, dish washing soap, bleach, scrubbers / sponges and a towel. As mentioned in an earlier post I like to use clean cloth diapers as camp towels.

Start by heating the water up till it starts bubbling, but is not quit boiling. Pour most of the hot water in the first of the 3 basins and reminder in the second basin. Only fill the basins up about halfway or a little more. Add a bit of cold water to first basin so you can put your hands in without getting burned, the second basin should be warm, and the last basin cold. In the first basin add a few drop of dish washing soap, nothing but water in the second one, and a cap (around a table spoon) of bleach in the last one.

Pre-scrap and clean the dishes the best you can. The idea is to keep the water as clean as possible. Clean and scrub everything in the first basin. Once it is clean and as much soap as possible has been removed rinse it in the second basin, and then quick dip in the last basin with the bleach. Feel with your hand and look with your eyes to make sure you got everything clean. Dry and put away.
The purpose of the bleach in the last basin is for sterilization. You could also use sterilization tablets instead of bleach. The main thing here is to make sure you kill all the germs, etc.

The bigger problem I have found with clean up is getting the Scouts to actually do it. Lets just say that kind of thing has never been one of my strong points. I would like to hear about how you do dishes, and get the Scouts to actually clean them properly – tell me by posting comments below.

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