Scott Robertson

Kamp Kitchen – Pots and Pans
By: Posted On: 2009-09-12

There are many different types of pots and pans you can use for your Kamp Kitchen. In my experience most Scout Groups use the ones that nest together. I find these are pretty good, especially the ones with no coatings - just plain aluminium. You need to be careful which set you buy as many of the kits now days are made out of flimsy metal that just wont hold up to the abuse Scouts what put them through.

Personally what I like carry is, 2 stock pots, 1 large cast iron frying pan, and 1 coffee pot. The two stock pots have lids, my coffee pot lid got lost a few years back. All of these pots actually nest together and then go into my kitchen box. I also have a large pot, now shown that I would guess holds about 3 gallons of water. This pot is specifically for large group cooking when I have my large stove with me. I should also point out I have a flat bottom dutch oven, that I also often carry and use as a stock pan on my large stove. The flat bottom dutch oven is also great for use in a home oven.

With any kind of cast iron make sure you keep them clean and well seasoned (oiled). We will talk more about how to clean and season cast iron in the dutch over section of this series.

With that I would like to ask you what kinds of pots and pans do you use for car camping? Tell me by posting comments below.