Scott Robertson

Aug - Fuzzy and Scouts Corner
By: Posted On: 2009-08-03

Hi all, 

Fuzzy here, it has been a while since we last told you about our activities. We been up to loads of things and of course eating looooooooaaaaaads of salmon.

When we write this we are getting ready for our cubby summercamp, we are really looking forward to all cool activities like climbing, swimming, archery and of course the campfires. What don’t like and we are sure won’t happen at camp is rain, as we will get wet and scout does not like getting wet. <giggles>

Hi all, it is Scout now, Fuzzy is kinda busy now, as I tied him to his chair.  He needs to untie himself before he can type again <giggles>. It is not that I don’t like rain, I just don’t like getting cold and that is what rain will do. Our friends at InsaneScouter have told us that there are all kinds of new things happening on the site, but we want more people to see it and we need your help by telling as many people as you can about this great website. You can win loads of prizes toooooo.

Anyway we would love to hear about your summer camp too and what you have been up to.
When you go on your camps remember to be safe and have fun (oh and to get us some salmon). 

Have fun at your camps!!!!!!! 

Your cubby friends
Fuzzy and Scout