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WOW - $600 In Prizes - Contest
By: Posted On: 2009-08-05

What you have to do

  1. If you have not done so already, register to receive the InsaneScouter newsletter by becoming a member.

  2. When you receive the newsletter forward it on to your Scouting friends. Each friend who registers after clicking on any link in the newsletter, will earn you one chance to win. The more friends you get to register the more chances you have to win. Once your friend receives their own newsletter, they can also share it with their friends for chances to win.

  3. You will also be sent an email with a short sample message and a “special link”. You can use this link anywhere you like including twitter, facebook, linkedin, etc. You can create a print out or business cards with the link on it. Hand them out at roundtable, training, summer camp, etc. Each person who registers using your “special link” will also earn you a chance to win.

How will it work

  • Winners will be electronically selected at random.
  • Winners will be announced in the first newsletter of each month.
  • You are eligible to win more then once.
  • All prizes have been generously donated by the awesome sponsors below.
  • The contest will end when we are out of prizes.
  • Each contest round will start with the first newsletter of the month.
  • The newsletter will let you know what prizes are available in that round. Some cases it may be just one prize and in other cases several prizes. In most cases the winner and the person who referred them will both win.
  • Most prizes are digital, but a few will need to be mailed to an address you specify.
  • If a prize needs to be shipped... Shipping within The United States will be free, to any other country winner will need to pay for shipping.

What is my special link

The “special link” is simply<some number>. This number lets us know they signed up because of you. Even if they come to the site, look around for a while and later click on “become a member” you will still get the credit for signing them up and thus an entry into the contest.

For legal reason I will state we do this by using what is called a “cookie”. If cookies are refused or cleared before signing up we will have no idea who to give credit to. 


The combined value of the prizes is over $600.00!!! Please thank our sponsors.

  • InsaneScouter is providing a collection of 133 blueprints (chuck boxes, pioneering, bridges, boats, etc), 4 ebooks (2 skit books, 1 fundraising book, 1 Scout Owns book), 10 handouts (this a collection created for a District level training that no longer exists), and 3 patrol challenges (each patrol challenge is made of 20 challenges for the Scouts to do). This collection will be provided as a compressed zip file that is 13 mb in size. The files are mostly pdf's and png images. Winners will be provided a download link.

  • ScoutManage is an great online service to help BSA Cub Scout Packs and Boy Scout Troops to manage there units advancement, attendance, and financial data. It is set up so parents, leaders, and Scouts receive specific permissions to what they can do. Further more you can import data from Packmaster and Troopmaster. For more details go to ScoutManage has donated two one-year memberships and two two-year memberships to there service.

  • offers a wide selection of Boy Scouts of America® Officially Licensed Products. Most products are discounted from the item’s list price and they guarantee your satisfaction 100%. They have donated four $25 gift codes (digital gift card) for there website. This includes free FedEx ground shipping.

  • Badge Magic is the revolutionary new way to attach badges to Scout uniforms without sewing. Our new “peel & stick” badge adhesive has been tested on all Scout uniform materials and is guaranteed not to fall off in the wash. BadgeMagic has donated two $25 gift certificates for their product, which you redeem directly through there website InsaneScouter will mail the printed gift certificates to you.

  • is a Pinewood Derby site that specializes in getting dads and lads into the winner's circle. They have donated three $20 gift certificates good on anything you buy from there website.

  • AntiGravitygear provides high quality low cost ultralight backpacking gear. Their vision is to provide the best camping gear available and support organizations that develop and maintain the trails and wilderness we all enjoy. They have donated four sets of nylon stuff sacks. Each set contains a large, medium and small bag. More information at InsaneScouter will ship the sacks to you.

  • builds awesome looking camp kitchen boxes. They are the heart of any outdoor kitchen. They have donated one copy of their books “How to Design Build and Outfit Your Own Camp Kitchen” and “Blue Sky Kitchen Plans Booklet” more details at . Blue Sky Kitchen will ship each book to the winners.

  • 759: Boy Scouts of Harlem is 72 min documentary film about inner-city Scouts from a Troop in Harlem New York. They have donated one movie poster signed by Director Jake Boritt and Producer Justin Szlasa. You can learn more about this film at their website or in this InsaneScouter blog post The poster will be sent to you by Jake and Justin.

  • Scout Camp: The Movie has donated 4 dvds of the movie. The fine people at Scout Camp: The Movie will mail a copy to each winner. 

    Returning to Camp Rakhouta for what may be his last camp, York Hayes (Shawn Carter, High School Musical 1, 2, 3) is determined to leave a legacy for his troop to follow. However, when the legendary "Spirit Stick" goes missing, the entire camp legacy is threatened. Now York must do whatever it takes to find the Spirit Stick, return it to it's post, and restore the tradition of Camp Rakhouta. Filled with all the great memories of a week long summer camp, you'll finally understand why Scout Camp is the highlight of a scout's summer. This hilarious family comedy also stars Kirby Heyborne (The R.M., Saints and Soldiers) as the exemplary Scout Master.



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