Scott Robertson

It is funny the things we remember
By: Posted On: 2009-06-22

It is the small things in life that stand out in our memories. It is not the big battle we won, but rather the day to day things. From my childhood I remember camping with my dad especially on Scout outings and family trips. Yet I remember more clearly playing catch in the back yard and catching the boy where no boy should, piling pillows on him and yelling dog pile, or just laying on the floor rough housing.

Likewise I have fond memories of my childhood best friend who even 20 years later I still talk to on occasion. One day I was at his house and he was trying to get something stuck in his piggy banks coin slot. It turned out to be a odd size coin. Finally after much effort we managed to push it through the slot. He then pulled it out from the hole in bottom of the bank. It turned out to be a 1983 5 Mark. Just holding that coin in my hand not only brings back that one experience, but also many years of adventure with him.

What kind of memories do you recall, which are the most powerful for you? What objects do you have laying around that seem ordinary but are more dear to your heart then that expensive thing over there. If suddenly you were kicked out of your house and could only take one thing (not counting food, photos, videos, etc) what would it be? Why does it mean so much to you?

With fathers day having just past don't forget to thank your dad for every thing he did or he tried to do for you. Also thank your friends for just being friends. I can say I only have two friends that are not related to me, that stayed by my side even through some really bad times. How many true friends do you think you have? Now wait till you really miss up and see how many you have, I bet you will be shocked...