Scott Robertson

How long do things last
By: Posted On: 2009-06-16

A while back I helped develop a show for the podcast network on Leave No Trace. Part
of that show talked about how long things will last if just left in the environment. I would like to talk
about that today, and at the end of the post I will include a link to the actual podcast.

This list is provide by the Burea of Land Management.

1. Paper: 2-4 Weeks
2. Banana Peel: 3-5 Weeks
3. Wool Cap: 1 Year
4. Cigarette Butt: 2-5 Years
5. Disposable Diaper: 10-20 Years
6. Hard Plastic Container: 20-30 Years
7. Rubber Boot Sole: 50-80 Years
8. Tin Can: 80-100 Years
9. Aluminum Can: 200-400 Years
10. Plastic 6-pack Holder: 450 Years
11. Glass Bottles: Lots and Lots of Years.

So keep all those famous sayings in mind such as …

Pack it in Pack it out

Take only picture, leave only foot prints and kill only time

Lastly – Leave the places you stay nicer and cleaner then you found it. By doing these simple things
you will be doing the world, yourself, and your great great great great grand kids an amazing favor. As
Woodsy the Owl would say “Give a hoot don't pollute”.

For more information on leaving no trace listen to this podcast