Because of My Son
By: Posted On: 2009-01-24



Becuase of my son - I found a job to do.

became a Scouter, tried and true!

I understand boys.better - becuase of my son.

It happened through Scouting - Gee, what fun'

Becuase of my son - I can be worthwhile.

OR what a reward, to see a boy's smile!

Tis endless, the pleasures gained from Scouting.

Because of my son - I attend each meeting and outing!

Because of my son - I've gained friends beyond measure.

Tis indeed blessed to hold, such a wonderful treasure!

Hours that were idle, are now filled to the brim.

Because of my son - I enjoy life with him!

Because of my son - I‘% a new way of life.

I recommend Scouting for each husband and wife!

Don!t spend your spare time, doing nothing at all.

Because of your son - heed the Scouting call!

-Author Unknown-