Scott Robertson

Welcome to Beta version of our new site
By: Posted On: 2008-06-08

I am very happy that all of the hard work that all our volunteers and myself have been putting in is finally paying off. As I am sure you have noticed this site loads faster, is easier to navigate and offers some nice features such as the 5 star rating of a page and ability to post comments about a page. What you see now is just the start, but has taken months to make happen. In the coming months there are a normal of exciting features coming or returning to InsaneScouter. A few examples include: e-postcards, a service to aid leaders in finding other human resources, a Scouting based directory (a simple search engine of sorts), possibility free hosting, the download service loaded with clip-art, demo software, multi-media, pow-wow books, and so much more. All of us are really excited and hope you will send us your thoughts, good or bad, so that we can make the site great. You may contact us at