Scott Robertson

Right on Trek Backpacking Review
By: Posted On: 2021-10-07

Who knew I’d be able to try out backpacking meals from RightOnTrek for free?

It started when I saw Cub Scout Eric’s YouTube videos, where he tried the Cream of Wheat Porridge and Chicken Alfredo Pasta from RightOnTrek. Out of curiosity, I reached out to them, and they offered to send me some of their backpacking food to try out.

So, in this review, I’ll share with you my honest thoughts about RightOnTrek’s adventure meals.

How to select and order food from RightOnTrek

Although using RightOnTrek’s site is quite smooth, I found the process a bit odd.

First off, you start by selecting a few broad things you like. Afterward, its meal planner tool will create the meals for you.

What happens if you don’t like the food it suggested? Luckily, you can replace them with something else.

Once you’ve decided on your preferred meals, you can then add them to your cart.

The next step requires you to verify your contact details, shipping address, billing address, and purchase amount. Click on the “Purchase” button once you’re ready to proceed to the checkout page. The page will then display a message informing you that RightOnTrek has received your order.