Scouting's Birthday

Cubmaster: This month we celebrate Scouting's (formula is CURRENT YEAR minus 1930) birthday in the United States. Everywhere Scouts are taking time to listen to the story of Scouting and to rededicate themselves to the aims and purposes of our movement. Scouting was started in England by Lt. General Robert Baden-Powell, a British war hero. Guided by his experience in training Army scouts, Baden-Powell made Scouting for boys an outdoor program with ideals... a way of thinking and living, a way of doing things.

Today Scouting is still a program filled with fun and adventure. It is learning worthwhile skills that train us to be responsible citizens. It is the Spirit of All who worked to make our nation great. More than 4 million boys and leaders are registered in Scouting in the U.S. today. Men who earned badges as Scouts now sit on the Supreme Court bench and in Chambers of Congress. Others hold important offices in our government, business and industry. Former President John F. Kennedy was the first president who had been a Boy Scout. Former President Gerald Ford is an Eagle Scout. Many of our astronauts were Scouts. More and more men, trained as Scouts, are taking their places in today's world as responsible adult leaders. This (#) anniversary of Scouting and (#) anniversary of Cub Scouting is a time to recommit ourselves to the goals of Scouting... character, citizenship, and personal fitness.

Will you all stand with me now and repeat the Cub Scout Promise as we rededicate ourselves to the purposes of Scouting.

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