Future Careers

Props: A large box that Cubs can step into and out of; decorate front with knobs and dials.
Cub #1:Ladies and gentlemen, this is the fantastic, terrific magic future machine.  By entering this machine you will know your future career.
Cub #2: Let me try it first!
Cub #1: OK, enter the chamber (he turns dials on the front).  Come out and reveal your future. (This is repeated for each Cub.)
Cub #2: Wow, I am going to be a truck driver.  10-4good buddy.
Cub #3:(enters then exits) Hey, I'm going to be a Chef, dinner anyone.
Cub #4:(enters then exits) I'm going to be a doctor, want a shot?
Cub #5:(Enters then exits) A lawyer, I'm going to be a lawyer.  I'll sue for 1 million dollars.
Cub #6:  (enters then exits) yea, yea, yea!  I'm going to be a rock star, where's my guitar?
Cub #7:(enters and exits) An astronaut, look at Mars!
Cub #8: I'm not sure about this, but here goes.
Cub #1: This way.  (Turns dials)
Cub #8(enters, screams) No!  No!
Cub #1:  What's the matter, what will you be?
Cub #8:  NO! I'll be a (pause for silence) CUBMASTER!!! (runs off stage with arms flying.)

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