1. A Christmas Mistake
  2. Boy Scout leader dies
  3. Boy Scouts on a Long Hike
  4. Fuzzy's Salmon Burgers with Lime Mayonnaise
  5. Give Us A Push
  6. Hot Chocolate Wisdom
  7. SM Tip - It's a Date--or Is It?
  8. WePay.com: The Hassle-Free Way to Collect Scouting Dues
  9. Wow – 200 Posts!!!
  10. Written Resources
  11. 1,000th Subscriber Contest and Lodge Mfg
  12. 10 tips to getting kids outside
  13. 12 Volt Camping
  14. 156 Years Ago
  15. 16 Steps to building a campfire
  16. 2 no utensils recipes
  17. 25 Uses For A Black Trash Bag
  18. 25 Uses For Dental Floss
  19. 25 Uses For Duct Tape
  20. 35 Uses For Paracord
  21. 45th Annual National Invitational White River Canoe Race-Arkansas
  22. 759: Boy Scouts of Harlem
  23. 8 Scouting Movies
  24. A Lesson in Penmanship - eagle tip
  25. A Really Cool Chuck / Patrol Box
  26. A Salute from the Top - Eagle Tip
  27. A Tale By Scott
  28. A Uniform Conundrum Solved
  29. A Video Letter to the Future - Eagle Tip
  30. A Wing and a Scoutmaster's Minute
  31. About Those Star and Life Leadership Projects, Part 1 - smtip
  32. About Those Star and Life Leadership Projects, Part 2 - eagle tip
  33. Adventure of Beaver Patrol - 12 Novels by Fletcher
  34. All the News That's Fit - smtips
  35. All Weather Blanket
  36. Alvin Townley
  37. An Excuses Is....
  38. Announcing the Guide to Advancement 2013
  39. Arrow of Light Award Plaque
  40. Aug - Fuzzy and Scouts Corner
  41. Autism Spectrum Disorders and Scouting
  42. Avoiding Drowsy Driving - SM Tips
  43. Awards Binder Idea
  44. AX v.s. Hatchet
  45. Backcountry Trash / Vandalism
  46. Baden Powell at Southport
  47. Baden Powell Quotes
  48. Bandanas
  49. Big Sur California
  50. Bodie CA, Ghost Town
  51. Bow Drill Fire
  52. Bowline Knot
  53. Boy Scout Field Book – Survival Skills
  54. Boy Scout on Old Superior
  55. Boy Scout Pathfinders
  56. Boy Scout Rescue
  57. Boy Scout Rivals
  58. Boy Scouting-What it Really Is
  59. Boy Scouts in Alaska
  60. Boy Scouts in Coal Caverns
  61. Boy Scouts in Northern Wilds
  62. Boy Scouts in the Everglades
  63. Boy Scouts Nashville Folding Flag
  64. Boy Scouts of America Jamboree (1953)
  65. Boy Scouts of The Great Divide
  66. Boy Scouts Signal Sender
  67. Boy Scouts Test of Courage
  68. Boy Scouts With Baden Powell (1910-1920)
  69. Boy Scouts Woodcraft Lesson
  70. Breaking Bread - Eagle Tip
  71. Brotherhood of Scouting
  72. BSA 2010 Marketing
  73. Buddhism and Scouting
  74. Bushcraft – Flint and Steel
  75. Bushcraft – Making a Bowl / Oil Lamp
  76. Bushcraft Kit
  77. Butterscotch Trail Mix
  78. Camp Gadget Technology Video
  79. Camp Gadgets Video
  80. Camp Lanterns
  81. Camp Solar Oven
  82. Camp Staff signing rank requirements
  83. Camp Tools
  84. Campfire Fun
  85. Camping and “Close Boys”
  86. Changes in 2012 to the Boy Scout Advancement Requirements
  87. Char Cloth
  88. Chatter From Pinewood Derby
  89. Choose Your Own Adventure - SMTip
  90. Choosing A Knife for a Webelos 1
  91. Citizen Super Bowl
  92. Cool Camp Sink Video
  93. Cool Scout Graphics
  94. Creative Leader Awards
  95. Cyber Chip Program
  96. Dan Pallotta: The way we think about charity is dead wrong
  97. Dec 2009 Fuzzy and Scout Corner
  98. Did you know...
  99. Does Eagle Matter
  100. Dreams
  101. Drew's Bad Birthday
  102. Dues
  103. Eagle Island
  104. Eagle Scout Certificates with the Click of a Mouse
  105. Eagle Scout College Scholarship Fundraiser
  106. Eagle Scout Scholarships
  107. Eagle Tip - A Cool Eagle Scout Video
  108. Eagle Tip - A Gift for the Ages
  109. Eagle Tip - A Rose Is a Rose Is a Good Idea
  110. Eagle Tip - A Tree-mendous Honor
  111. Eagle Tip - Charge
  112. Eagle Tip - Charging the Eagle Scout Collegian
  113. Eagle Tip - Color-coordinated Candy
  114. Eagle Tip - Eagle Scout Photos (and an Important Notice)
  115. Eagle Tip - Fill in the Blank
  116. Eagle Tip - George Washington's Scout Law
  117. Eagle Tip - Going with the Flow
  118. Eagle Tip - Inviting Invitations
  119. Eagle Tip - Learning From Our Mistake
  120. Eagle Tip - Of Calendars and Conflicts
  121. Eagle Tip - Old-timers and Uniforms
  122. Eagle Tip - Picture This, Part 1
  123. Eagle Tip - Picture This, Part 2
  124. Eagle Tip - Return to Sender
  125. Eagle Tip - Return to Sender
  126. Eagle Tip - Sending a Message
  127. Eagle Tip - Sharpen Your Ax Before Planning a Court of Honor
  128. Eagle Tip - Sister (and Brother) Act
  129. Eagle Tip - Strike Up the Band
  130. Eagle Tip - That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles
  131. Eagle Tip - The Five Ws
  132. Eagle Tip - The Scout Law in Scripture
  133. Eagle Tip - Tonight's Ceremony: Brought to You in Technicolor
  134. Eagle Tip: Celebrating Failure
  135. Eagle Tip: Giving New Meaning to the Term
  136. Eagle Tip: Let There Be Dark
  137. Eagle Tip: The Gift That Keeps on Giving
  138. Eagle Tips - Returning to the Scene of the Crime
  139. Eagle Tips - It's in the Cards
  140. Eagle Tips - Feathering Your (Eagle) Nest
  141. Eagle Tips - Going On Location
  142. Eagle Tips - Removing Barriers
  143. Eagle Tips - Scrapping the Guestbook
  144. Eagle Tips - Tonight's Ceremony: Brought to You in Technicolor
  145. Egg-in-A-Bag
  146. Eldorado Canyon Trip
  147. Electric Camp Light
  148. Episode 1
  149. Episode 2
  150. Essential Gear - Knife
  151. Essential Knots - Simplest Knots
  152. Essential Knots - Square Knot
  153. Facebooking Your Parents
  154. Favourite Scouting Songs
  155. Feb Fuzzy & Scout
  156. Finding the Perfect Eagle Scout Service Project
  157. First Contest
  158. First National Boy Scout Jamboree, Washington D.C. 1937 Chevrolet Newsreel
  160. Five Reasons You Should Get Trained
  161. For Crying Out Loud - Eagle Tip
  162. For Crying Out Loud, Part 2 - Eagle Tip
  163. For Crying Out Loud, Part 3 - Eagle Tip
  164. Forging a path of hopefulness
  165. Fun Facts - Eagle Tips
  166. Fun Recipes for Scouts
  167. Fun Things to Make with Toilet Paper Rolls
  168. Fun Things to Make with Your Coffee can!
  169. Fuzzy and Scout Feb 2010
  170. Fuzzy and Scout Jan 2010
  171. Fuzzy and Scout March 2010
  172. Fuzzy and Scout April 2010
  173. Fuzzy and Scout April 2011
  174. Fuzzy and Scout Aug 2010
  175. Fuzzy and Scout Aug 2010
  176. Fuzzy and Scout Dec 2010
  177. Fuzzy and Scout Dec 2011
  178. Fuzzy and Scout Jan 2011
  179. Fuzzy and Scout July 2011
  180. Fuzzy and Scout June 2010
  181. Fuzzy and Scout Nov 2010
  182. Fuzzy and Scout On Knife Safety
  183. Fuzzy and Scout Sept 2010
  184. Fuzzy and Scout Sept 28
  185. Fuzzy and Scout Sept Updates
  186. Gear Pods
  187. Gift Of Scouting
  188. Go Bag
  189. Grand Canyon NP
  190. Guide to Advancement
  191. Hang a Hammock Inside a Mini-Van
  192. Happy Holidays 2011
  193. Hapy New Years
  194. Help InsaneScouter
  195. Hiking Games
  196. Historic Book Collection
  197. Hmmm... Electrical Outlets
  198. Hmmm... Hiking Rattle Snake
  199. Hmmm... Hot Marshmallow Stick
  200. Hmmm... Philmont Squirrels
  201. Hmmm... Tuna Fish Surprise
  202. Hmmm.... Mules & Rivers
  203. Hmmm.... Stuffed Up At Philmont
  204. Homemade Gear Shelving
  205. How Does a Pedometer Work? Tips for Beginners ($)
  206. How long do things last
  207. How much water is enough?
  208. How not to Step into the Breach
  209. How To Cook Seven Simple Recipes Over a Campfire
  210. How To Find Success
  211. If You Could Ask Baden Powell Anything
  212. InsaneScouter - Campfire Grill Contest
  213. InsaneScouter Newsletter
  214. InsaneScouter Ramblings
  215. Interesting Reading On Scouting History
  216. interesting readings Hitchins on BP
  217. interview Director of 759: Boy Scouts of Harlem
  218. Interview of Garrett Batty director of Scout Camp The Movie
  219. Interview of the Center Trail team
  220. Interview With Author Mark Ray
  221. Interview With Blake Cortright - The First Encampment
  222. Interview With Torey McCleskey - Amazing Eagle Scout
  223. Iowa Tornado Kills 4 at Scout Camp
  224. It is funny the things we remember
  225. Jamboree On The Internet & Air
  226. Jungle Book -- If
  227. Just Believe
  228. Kamp Kitchen – Food Storage
  229. Kamp Kitchen
  230. Kamp Kitchen - First Aid Kit
  231. Kamp Kitchen - Ice Chests
  232. Kamp Kitchen - Seasoning It All Up
  233. Kamp Kitchen – Cleaning It All Up
  234. Kamp Kitchen – Cooking Utensil
  235. Kamp Kitchen – Cutting it All Up
  236. Kamp Kitchen – Dutch Ovens
  237. Kamp Kitchen – Packing It all Up
  238. Kamp Kitchen – Patrol Boxes
  239. Kamp Kitchen – Personal Hygiene
  240. Kamp Kitchen – Personal Mess Gear
  241. Kamp Kitchen – Portable Water
  242. Kamp Kitchen – Pots and Pans
  243. Kamp kitchen – Stoves & Fuels
  244. Kamp Kitchen – Tables
  245. Kamp Kitchens – Revisted
  246. Kamp Knots Cartoon Contest
  247. KampSpace
  248. KBOOM!!!
  249. Keeping Kids Safe from Common Dangers
  250. Keeping Kids Safe Online
  251. Keeping Up with New Merit Badges - SM Tips
  252. Kid's Chili
  253. Knights’ Roasters
  254. Knives
  255. Lesson: Emergency Tent Stakes
  256. Lesson: First Class Board of Review
  257. Lesson: Hammock and Chips
  258. Lesson: Teaching Totin' Chit
  259. Lesson: Where is my backpack
  260. Lessons from the past... bring back something interesting
  261. Lessons from the past... Cactus Slide
  262. Lessons from the past... Corkscrew Dare
  263. Lessons from the past... Grand Canyon
  264. Lessons from the past... Poison Ivy
  265. Lessons from the past... Rocks in the Pack
  266. Lessons from the past... Sniffing Koolaid & Trail Toys
  267. Lessons from the past... Walking Backpack
  268. Life is tough – Rules for teenagers
  269. Lightening Round Contest
  270. Lost
  271. Make Your Own Hot Cocoa Mix
  272. Making Merit Badge Counselor Recruiting a Bit Easier - sm tip
  273. Making Primitive Jerky
  274. Me First! Interview
  275. Meal Planning
  276. Meat Casserole Recipe
  277. Meet Dean Whinery
  278. Mike Rowe’s Eagle Scout Letter
  279. Minute Judging - Eagle Tip
  280. Minute Judging, Part 2
  281. Mobile Office
  282. Monsters in the dark
  283. More Photos
  284. Multimedia Resources
  285. Murphy's scouts laws
  287. New Server
  288. New tour plan coming May 1st
  289. NO TV
  290. No Utensil Campfire Cooking
  291. Oh No I Am Lost
  292. Oh No! - My Group First Aid Kit
  293. Old Hat, New Eyes
  294. One Small Step … for Getting Congratulatory Letters from NASA
  295. Open Road Pet Peeves
  296. Open Source Scouting
  297. Order of the Arrow
  298. Organizing Travel Guides
  299. Our Cubbing Years
  300. Our Websites
  301. Outdoor Drinks
  302. Outdoor Gym
  303. Outdoor Planning
  304. Outlaw Pinewood Derby
  305. Pasta Fundrasing Idea
  306. Picaria Native American Game
  307. Places I run into Scouts
  308. Pop Goes the Centerpiece
  309. Pop Up Dutch Oven Pizza
  310. Postcards from Coast to Coast for Blue and Gold
  311. Pretty Photos
  312. Progress Toward Living On The
  313. Quick Stew Recipe
  314. Rain Tax
  315. Ramblings of a new Webelos 2 Den Leader
  316. Ramblings of a new Webelos 2 Den Leader Part 2
  317. Ramblings of a new Webelos 2 Den Leader Part 3
  318. Real Good Turns
  319. Recipe For Christmas Joy
  320. Returning to the Summit
  321. Review of The First Encampment
  322. Ride-on Ice Chest
  323. Rigging A Tarp
  324. Roll-a-away camp cot review
  325. Rop Box – Making Learning Knots Fun
  326. Rope Box - Lashings
  327. Rope Box – Stakes and Doodads
  328. Rope Box – What’s In The Box
  329. Rope Box – Camp Gadgets
  330. Rope Box – Ten Knots Every Scout Should Know
  331. Rope Box – Types Of Rope
  332. Route 66
  333. S.C.O.U.T.I.N.G
  334. San Diego CA – Point Loma Beach waves
  335. San Diego CA, Bay at night
  336. Save Money - Rent Gear
  337. Save the Date--and Time - Eagle Tip
  338. Scout Camp Grace
  339. Scout Camp The Movie
  340. Scout Camp: The Klondike
  341. Scout Is Trustworthy
  342. Scout Jokes
  343. Scout Law Stories
  344. Scout Leader -- Proud to be an American
  345. Scout Website
  346. Scouter's Prayer
  347. Scouting A Nation Booklet
  348. Scouting Resource Package
  349. Scouting Stuff
  350. Scouting Thomas
  351. Scoutmanage
  352. Scouts and Grades
  353. Scouts of the World Award Discovery in UK
  354. Scouts With Learning Disabilities
  355. Scouts, Flashlights, my eyes
  356. See America First
  357. Selecting Axes
  358. Selecting Knives
  359. Selecting Saws
  360. Seven Ways to Get Out of Work and Go Camping
  361. Sharpening the Knife - Scout Is Reverent
  362. Sierra Cup
  363. Simple Wood Tools Safety Rules
  364. SM Tip - A New Scouting Position: Nozzle Control Officer
  365. SM Tip - A Sense of Wonder
  366. SM Tip - A Shot at Greatness
  367. SM Tip - Another Storm, Another Snow Day
  368. SM Tip - Belt Them in the Car
  369. SM Tip - Connect With Special Merit Badge Opportunities
  370. SM Tip - Conquering Context Collapse
  371. SM Tip - Don't Forget to Play the Game
  372. SM Tip - Facts and Filmstrips
  373. SM Tip - From the Sports Page to the Scoutmaster Minute, Part 1
  374. SM Tip - From the Sports Page to the Scoutmaster Minute, Part 2
  375. SM Tip - How to Make Your SPL Quit
  376. SM Tip - Making New Year's Reservations
  377. SM tip - Moving Past Tour Permits
  378. SM Tip - Of Wood Tape and Balancing Points
  379. SM Tip - Philmont for Procrastinators
  380. SM Tip - Put Down That Firewood, and Nobody Will Get Hurt
  381. SM Tip - Requiem for the Preopening
  382. SM Tip - Scouting in the Video Age
  383. SM Tip - Secrets to Successful Scout Fundraising
  384. SM Tip - Shaping The Summit
  385. SM Tip - Social Media and Scouting
  386. SM Tip - Ten Essentials of Scoutmastership
  387. SM Tip - Transformational Service
  388. SM Tip - Twelve Questions for Patrol Leaders
  389. SM Tip - What Really Attracts Boys to Scouting
  390. SM Tip - Why We Do What We Do
  391. SM Tip - Working with Scouts with Disabilities
  392. SM tip - Wrestle With This
  393. SM Tip: End Runs and Dead Ends
  394. SM Tip: Mind Your Own Business … or Else
  395. SM Tip: Who's Your Most Important Volunteer?
  396. SM tips - Beyond the Usual Suspects
  397. SM tips - How not to Help a Scout
  398. SM tips - Robot Merit Badge
  399. SM Tips - Teachable Moments and More
  400. SM tips: Awards 101
  401. Snow Camping with Boy Scouts
  402. Snow Shelter
  403. Song - Cub Scouts Don’t Wear No Socks
  404. Spaghetti Sauce From Scratch
  405. Special Need Scouts
  406. Spray On Sunscreen
  407. Stay out of the Risk Zone - smtip
  408. Striking before the Iron Is Hot
  409. Summer Camp for Adults
  410. Survival Kit For Boy Scouts
  411. Tacos In A Bag
  412. Teaching About The Outdoors
  413. Teaching How to Hold and Pass a Knife
  414. Teaching Tool Safety
  415. Teddy Bear
  416. Ten Essentials
  417. Thanks for the Memories
  418. The adventure begins
  419. The Boy Scout
  420. The Boy Who Cried Wolf
  421. The Cancer Survivor Trek At Philmont
  422. The Christmas Scout
  423. The First Encampment
  424. The importance of advancement and ways to elevate the Scouting experience
  425. The Little Boy and The Rattlesnake
  426. The Moon
  427. The Peace of Wild Things
  428. The Perfect Campfire Grill
  429. The Real Santa
  430. The Scout Law For Camp Staff
  431. The Scout Uniform
  432. The State of Scouting
  433. Thirteen Steps to Build a Campfire
  434. This Takes the Cake
  435. Thousands Of Boy Scouts (1931)
  436. Three More Letters for Your Alphabet Soup - SM Tip
  437. Three Things Needed For Fire
  438. Through the wars of yesteryear
  439. Toasted Chit Pressurized Fuel Training
  440. Top Ten Scouting Games
  441. Trade-O-Ree News
  442. Trail Rules & Etiquette
  443. Trail Scavenger Hunt
  444. Trash – Did You Know?
  445. Troop Meeting Planning
  446. Tutoring
  447. Two Councils Consolidated
  448. Two Years of Rambling
  449. US Submarine July 1945, off the coast of Japan
  450. Uses For A Disposable Pie Tin
  451. Washing Dishes
  452. Website Security
  453. Weighing My Backpack
  454. Welcome to Beta version of our new site
  455. What Is A Team
  456. What is an Expedition
  457. What Scouting means to me
  458. When you walk through woods
  459. White Chile Recipe
  460. Why Is He A Scout
  461. Why Your Son Should Be A Scout Video
  462. Working with challenging Scouts
  463. Working with challenging Scouts
  464. WOW - $600 In Prizes - Contest
  465. You Know You Are A Scouter If …

Scott Robertson was born into a wonderful Air Force family in July 1975. He grew up moving every few years and attending more schools then houses he lived in. While in the third and fourth grade he went through medical test, leaving him feeling like a guinea pig, to determine what his learning disabilities were. The end result was a long laundry list including ADHD and Dyslexia. After many years of hard work, most people today when told of Scott's disabilities look at him funny and say β€œYou are? I would have never guessed.” Scott does not allow himself  to use his disabilities as an excuse but rather sees them as obstacles to deal with everyday.

All the moving around and changing schools did leave a toll on young Scott. It turned him into a hermit during his Junior and Senior High School years. As a result Scott befriended the computer. In the fifth grade, for example, his teacher got a new Apple II C for the classroom. Scott begged for days to set it up for her. His teacher politely declined each time saying the School would be sending some over in a few days to set it up. Finally Scott wore her down. Over a short period of time not only did he hook the computer up and had it working, he told her she needed to contact Apple because the printer cable was missing. She checked and sure enough the computer was working. Then with shock she noticed all manuals were still factory sealed.  From that point on Scott was sent to other teachers to help with their technical problems. Scott started High School already able to write basic computer programs.

Boy Scouting was and still is a big part of Scott's life. He is an Eagle Scout and an avid outdoorsman. Through Scouting Scott has learned all about the outdoors including: outdoor skills, survival, nature (but don't ask him to identify any plants though), fire building, knot tying and so much more. Scout's made Scott who he is today. Scott has a lot of experience in Scouting including working with local units, District, Training Team, Council, Chairing an International Jamboree three times, summer camp staff four times, and much more.

Scott is proud of what he has achieved in school, but if you ask him what one achievement means the most to him, he will tell you without blinking an eye, β€œearning Eagle Scout”. For those of you who do not know, Eagle Scout is the highest rank in the Boy Scouts, which takes many years to earn.  To do this one has to demonstrate their skills in a number of subjects including outdoors and leadership.

The great outdoors, is one of the places Scott feels the most relaxed and at home. He has been camping longer then he has been walking, and β€œScouting” the outdoors almost as long. Scott at one time would go camping or backpacking at least twice a month. He has backpacked over 60 miles in 8 days, and on two other occasions has backpacked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. On four occasions, while on summer camp staff, he has spent at least 6 weeks living out of a tent.

As a result of spending all of this time in the outdoors Scott has developed a passion for protecting the environment and educating others how they can do the same. Scott has worked in education as a computer tutor, as well as running his college's only Unix User group. He also knows how to make learning about the outdoors fun, as a result of his Scouting background.

In life, besides computers, business and Scouts, Scott enjoys camping and hiking, writing children's fiction, taking photos, shooting video, cooking, learning, reading, traveling, meeting new people and overcoming challenges.

Scott is an entrepreneur at heart, he is one of those that it is the challenge, the journey, the adventure that its all about. He has experience being part of and running a number of businesses. Scott knows that in order to have a chance to succeed one has to take the chance of failing... Scott does not know what give up means, if one way doesn't work, it just means it's time to find another way.