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Pack Meeting Closing

A narrator hides behind the stage to do all the speaking. One Cub Scout dials a play phone or a large cardboard cutout phone and hold the receiver up as if for audience to hear.  Seven other Cub Scouts hold up large traffic signs at appropriate times as the narrator mentions them.

The first boy comes on stage with the telephone and dials a number. He holds up receiver toward the audience.


You have just dialed a THOUGHT FOR THE DAY, brought to you courtesy of DEN___, PACK _____.

Sometimes you may have trouble in communicating with those you meet, and you may feel you have come upon a DEAD END STREET. (Cub Scout comes out and holds up sign)

But when that happens, you'd better take CAUTION you see. (Next boy comes out holding cardboard traffic signal which has colored tissue paper glued in proper place over the three lights. He holds a flashlight behind the yellow.)

Then STOP (Next boys comes out, takes traffic signal and holds flashlight behind red) and think a while. Is the trouble with him or me?

Do you always GO (Next boy shines light on green) on and on about the things that interest only you?

Or do you YIELD (Next boy comes out carrying 'Yield' sign) some time to him, so you can hear his thoughts too?

So let's not go through life, not communicating because we're going the WRONG WAY (boy comes out with 'Wrong Way' sign)

Just remember to say U-TURN O.K.? (Next boy carries 'U TURN' sign) When you're talking instead of listening to what he has to say.


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