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Flag Retirement Ceremony #1

SETTING: This is a very solemn ceremony that should be held at the end of an outdoor pack activity so that the members of the pack will leave thinking about what our flag really stands for.

PREPARATION: 1 Flag - worn, tattered and soled, one medium fire. Take the flag and cut out the blue field with the stars, then cut the flag up into smaller pieces so that each participant can have a piece to lay on the fire.

NARRATOR: Our flag is the symbol of our country. Have you ever stopped to think what the flag really means?

The Blue in our flag stands for valor which our ancestors fought and died for in the many battles that have been fought for our country and all for which it stands.

The White stands for the purity in all of our hearts. It also represent the honor that each of us should show in all that we do in our everyday lives.

The Red stands for all of the men and women who have died in the service of our country, both as members of the armed forces and as everyday citizens.

Our flag has gone into every battle into which there have been United States citizens, from the American Revolution to the Civil War, to WW I, to WW II, to the Korean Conflict the Viet Nam War to the Desert Storm.

It has flown over some battles that were never declared, such as Beruit where the Marine Barracks was blown up by terrorists, and the Alfred Murrah Building in Oklahoma City.

In all of these, we the American people have stayed true to the values that the Flag represents. We should always value the sacrifices that have been made for our flag and the country that it represents.

We have an old friend here who has fulfilled his duty to our country. He has become worn and tattered and we are here tonight to retire him with honor.

We shouldn't be sad about the retirement of our friend. We are not burning him in anger, we are only releasing his spirit so that he can continue to serve us in our thoughts.

Now I would invite each of you to take a piece of cloth from the box being passed around and each of you in turn place it on the fire. You can pause for a moment to reflect upon what the flag means to each of us and remember the 167 people who lost their lives in OKC, some working in the service of our country and others as AMERICAN citizens. Thank you.

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