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Blessings For The Children

CUBMASTER: As the Cubs and Webelos of our pack have offered to you their gifts at Christmas, I think it also appropriate at this time of year to close with the Blessings for the Children.

Please listen carefully with the awareness that the children of today are our hope for tomorrow.

Blessed is the child.....

Who has someone who believes in him and has high hopes for him.

Who has someone to whom he can carry his problems unafraid.

Whose home is a haven of happiness.

To whom life is a book of knowledge and who is privileged to turn the pages one by one.

Who is allowed to pursue his curiosity into every worthwhile field of information.

Who has someone who understands that childhood's grief's are real and bitter and call for loving empathy.

Who is led gently by the hand along the pathway of life by someone who is guide, companion and inspiration.

Who has about him those who believe in his divinity and not his depravity.

Whose love of the truth, the beautiful and the good has been nourished through the years.

Whose innate imagination has been turned into channels of creative effort.

Whose efforts to achieve have found encouragement and kindly commendation.

Blessed is the home or community or nation which sees in a child the hope of the future and dedicates itself to the realization of that hope.

May we all in this holiday season and throughout the years strive to Do Our Best towards achieving this goal.


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